Aug 30, 2012

Only 4 weeks ago Elliot and I started a project to get talented prospects drafted on Dribbble. There’s so much talent not on Dribbble yet! We decided to do something about it.

We’ve received well over 400 submissions with v1 of the site (in just a couple weeks), and saw a lot of amazing work. However, there was a major problem with the concept that definitely needed rethinking. With the new concept we tried to automate the process as much as possible. Davey Heuser recently joined the team to help us with that. He did a great job creating a WordPress-based system to take over a lot of work we’d otherwise need to do manually. This way we have more time to work on the concept and the design itself rather than reviewing and publishing submissions.


We think Draft.im offers prospects on Dribbble a great way to get in the game and be part of the most amazing design community out there. Draft.im is also a great place for players to spot talented people and, of course, invite them.

So, are you looking for an invite? or do you have an invite to give away? then head over to Draft.im. You’ll be amazed.

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