Give feedback, the right way

September 5, 2012

It’s sometimes very difficult to give feedback the right way, and feedback can be even more difficult to receive. Though, feedback is something you shouldn’t keep for yourself. Feedback is something people can learn from. It therefore needs to be put in a nice little story or sentence. The person receiving the feedback shouldn’t feel like he or she is being attacked with words, thoughts and opinions. There is a great method for this called the ‘hamburger-method’. Let me explain this one…


A hamburger usually consists of three main parts. The bottom of the bread, the burger itself and the top of the bread. Those three parts represent the type of feedback you should give, and even more important, how you tell this. You first give a compliment, then you give some constructive criticism and finally another compliment. My experience using this technique has been pretty good. People will most likely receive the criticism without being as defensive.

The first part is always the nice part for the receiver of your feedback. It’s always cool to hear some nice things about your hard work. After this, comes the tricky part. The burger itself. Give some rather nice critique about the product. What is wrong about the product in your opinion? Why do you think something is not right? It may be very important to give a reason, or to give examples. Then, the final and most important part of giving feedback is to help the receiver to improve the product according to your critique.

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Thom van der Weerd

Hi there! I’m a designer from the Netherlands. I enjoy traveling, taking pictures, running, and can really appreciate some good music.